EERICA: Estonian e-Residents International Chamber Association
We are a non-profit organization that unites e-Resident company owners across the world to independently represent their interests and help them do more business with Estonia and with each other
As of March 2019, there are about 50,000 e-Residents of Estonia registered and about 6,000 of them have already incorporated a company via the programme. Many have struggles with the unfamiliar Estonian legal and regulatory environment and are not sure how to voice concerns they have that aren't directly related to the programme, but may still affect their business.
The e-Residency team does a great job pushing authorities in the right direction, but in the end they are still government employees. As their first priority is the development of the programme, they are not always able to directly represent the interests of certain groups of e-Residents.

Service providers are able to assist e-Residents with routine business services such as accounting and legal advice, but are understandably focused on scalable solutions. Additionally, many focus exclusively on well-known, low-risk business models.
An organization that helps e-Residents with these complex issues and speaks on their behalf to Estonian lawmakers and government agencies is missing.
Today's e-Residents enjoy and rely on the stable, hassle-free political and legal environment of Estonia. The unique system of taxation based on distributed profit, the ease of accounting, acceptance of travel costs as company expenses, and many other desirable traits are the reason that e-Residents choose Estonia for their business, and a favorable environment is crucial for their ongoing connection to the country.

Even in a stable democracy like Estonia, this explicit support for location independent business people should not be taken for granted. As e-Residency is gaining traction, we are coming together to form an organization to represent the e-Residents of Estonia, before any hot issues come up.
Now is the time to come together as a community and create such an independent organization by e-Residents, for e-Residents. We're calling it EERICA: Estonian e-Residents International Chamber Association.
Are you an e-Resident or a supporter? Join us!
Whether you're actively running your business through e-Residency or you want to reach e-Resident business owners, we'd love to have you on board.
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